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coming to the yale campus, with its distinctive(distinctive有特色的,特殊的 distinctive features 特点 soldiers often have distinctive insignias on their lapels. 士兵的翻领上常佩有特殊的军阶识别符号。) academic flavor, and looking at the eager young faces in the audience, i cannot but recall my great experience studying at qinghua university in beijing 40 years ago. indeed, what happens during one s school year will influence his whole life. i still benefit greatly from the instruction and my interaction with other students.
yale is renowned for its long history, unique way of teaching and excellence in academic pursuit. if time could go back several decades, i would really like to be a student of yale just like you.
yale s motto “light and truth,” which is a calling for human progress, represents the aspiration of every motivated young man and woman. over the past three centuries, yale has produced a galaxy of outstanding figures, including 20 nobel laureates and five american presidents. the words of nathan hale, an american hero and yale alumnus(alumnus kk: [ ] dj: [ ] n 1. 【主美】男校友;男女合校之男女校友 ), “i only regret that i have but one life to lose for my country,” have also inspired me and many other chinese. i sincerely hope that yale will produce more talent and contribute further to the social and economic development of the united states and the cause of human progress.
ladies and gentlemen, dear friends.
the chinese and americans have always had an intense(intense kk: [ ] dj: [ ] a. 1. 强烈的,剧烈的;极度的 the fracture caused him intense pain. 骨折给他造成了剧烈的疼痛。2. 热情的;热切的 the candidate has many intense supporters. 这位候选人有许多热烈的支持者
intensive kk: [ ] dj: [ ]a. 1. 加强的;密集的 an intensive bombardment 密集轰炸 2. 精深的;透彻的 an intensive course in english 英语精读课程 3. 特别护理的 intensive care in hospitals is given to the seriously ill. 医院对危重病人作特别护理。4. 集约栽培的;精耕细作的 intensive farming 集约农业 1. characterized by a high degree or intensity; often used as a combining form 2. tending to give force or emphasis 3. of agriculture; intended to increase productivity of a fixed area by expending more capital and labor。
intense: very great; very strong especially in quality or feeling; extreme. 强烈的
intensive:giving a lot of attention or action to a small amount of sth.
like many couples, they have enjoyed a drop in prices for a variety of items they have bought in recent weeks -- thanks to a slow economy and intense competition.和其他夫妇一样, 近几个星期他们俩购买了许多价格低廉的物品, 这应该感谢市场的疲软和竞争的激烈。intense pain can mean serious damage. 有剧痛说明伤得很重。i cannot stand the intense heat here. 我受不了这里的酷热。比较:intense 和 intensive 的意思在相当程度上是交叉的, 但是它们经常有细微的差别。当用来描述人的感情或活动时,intense 通常指由内在倾向而来的力量或专心, 它特别适于用来描写感情状态:intense pleasure, dislike, loyalty, and so forth. intensive 极度的快乐,极为厌恶,非常忠诚等等。intensive 更常用于指行为的强度和程度是由外部强加的:intensive bombing, training, marketing. 强烈的爆炸,强烈的训练,紧张的营销。 因此mark's intense study of german 指马克自己对集中的行为负责, 而mark's intensive study of german 意味着马克的是打算在短时间内涉猎大量内容 ) interest in and cared deeply about each other. the chinese admire the pionee羊癫痫的发作时间ring and enterprising (enterprising 1. 有事业心的;富进取心的;有魄力的 it's very enterprising of them to start up a business like that. 他们那样去开创生意是很有魄力的。 phil is an enterprising cook. 菲尔是个有进取心的厨师)spirit of the americans and their proud achievement in national development. as china develops rapidly and steady headway is made in china-u.s. cooperation, more and more americans are following with great interest china s progress and development.
understanding leads to trust. today, i would like to speak to you about china s development strategy and its future against the backdrop(背景) of the evolution of the chinese civilization and china s current development endeavor(努力,尽力[c][+to-v]his endeavors to get the bill passed failed. 他想使议案通过的努力失败了。). i hope this will help you gain a better understanding of china.
in a history that spans more than five millennia, the chinese nation has contributed significantly to the progress of human civilization. but its course of national development has been an arduous(arduous kk: [ ] dj: [ ]a.1. 艰巨的;费力的;困难的it must have been a very arduous task to build the pyramids.当时建造金字塔肯定是件万分艰巨的事。2. 努力的;使劲的he made an arduous effort to keep up with the rest of the class.他努力跟上班上其他同学。3. 陡峭的,难攀登的an arduous hill 陡峭的山) one. in particular in the 160 years and more since the opium war in 1840, the chinese people have fought courageously and unyieldingly to rid themselves of poverty and backwardness(n. 落后(状态)) and to realize national rejuvenation(kk: [ ] dj: [ ] n.1. 返老还童;回春), thus profoundly changing the destiny of the chinese nation. ninety-five years ago, the chinese people launched the revolution of 1911 that overthrew(打倒;推翻;废除fascism had lawlessly overthrown the democratic government.法西斯非法推翻了民主政府) the feudal autocracy which had ruled china for several thousand years and opened the door to china s progress.
fifty-seven years ago, the chinese people succeeded in winning liberation after protracted and hard struggle and founded new china in which people became their own masters. twenty-eight years ago, the chinese people embarked(embark
kk: [ ]dj: [ ]vi.1. 上船(或飞机等)we embarked on a cruiser.我们登上一艘游艇。2. 从事,着手[(+on/in/upon)]they embarked on a campaign to get people to vote.他们展开一场动员人们投票的运动。vt.1. 使上船(或飞机等);装载 the ship embarked passengers and cargo. 那艘船载上乘客,装上货物。2. 使从事,使着于[h] we are already embarked on a new course.我们已开始踏上一条新的道路。3. 投(资) he embarked his fortune in trade.他把财产投资做生意。) upon the historic drive of reform, opening-up and modernization and have made phenomenal(1. 现象的 2. 能知觉的 3. 异常的;杰出的;惊人的 "we knew it would be a bestseller, but even the original didn't sell this well at the start. by our estimates, we've already sold somewhere in the neighborhood of500, 000 copies. it's just phenomenal." ) progress through unremitting(remit kk: [ ] dj: [ ] vt. 1. 宽恕;赦免the prisoner's sentence cannot be remitted. 不能免除这个犯人的徒刑。2. 豁免(捐税等),免除(处罚) the taxes have been remitted. 税已被免去。3. 缓和;减轻,减退;使松懈 she remitted her efforts after the mid-term test. 她在期中考试以后放松了努力。 4. 提交,移交(问题等)[(+t癫痫哪里治疗好o)] you will have to remit this problem to a higher authority. 你得把这个问题提交给上一级。 5. 传送;汇寄[(+to)] i promised to remit the balance by the weekend. 我答应周末前将余款汇去。6. 使恢复原状[(+into/to)] 7. 推延[(+to/till)] vi. 1. 缓和;减轻 2. 汇款 please remit promptly by money order. 请速将款项用汇票汇来。) efforts.
between 1978 and XX, china s gdp grew from $147.3 billion to $2.2257 trillion. its import and export volume went up from $20.6 billion to $1.4221 trillion and its foreign exchange reserve soared from $167 million to $818.9 billion. during this period, the number of its poor rural population dropped from 250 million to 23 million. the above review of the profound changes in these 160 years shows one thing, namely, by carrying out persistent and hard struggle, the chinese people have both changed their own destiny and advanced the cause of human progress.
on the other hand, i need to point out that, despite the success in its development, china remains the world s largest developing country, with per capita gdp ranking behind the 100th place. the chinese people are yet to live a well-off life and china still faces daunting ([ d?:nti? ] a. 令人畏惧的 the prospect of meeting the president is quite daunting.
一想到要会见总统就足以令人心悸. their guide deserted them, but nothing daunted, they pressed on into the jungle. 向导离他们而去,但是他们毫不气馁,仍向森林进发。)challenges in its development endeavor. therefore it requires sustained and unremitting efforts to transform the country and make life better for its people. in the next 15 years, we will strive to make new progress in building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way that will benefit china s one billion and more population.
we aim to raise china s gdp to $4 trillion by 2020, averaging $3,000 per person. by then, china s economy will be better developed and its democracy will be further enhanced. more progress will be made in science and education. its culture will be further enriched, the society will become more harmonious and the people will lead a better life.
to realize these goals, china has adopted a new concept of development in line with its national conditions and the requirement of the times. that is, to pursue a scientific outlook on development that makes economic and social development people-oriented, comprehensive, balanced and sustainable. we will work to strike a proper balance between urban and rural development, development among regions, economic and social development, development of man and nature, and domestic development and opening wider to the outside world. greater emphasis will be put on addressing issues affecting people s livelihood, overcoming imbalances in development and resolving key problems that have occurred in the course of development. we will pursue a new path to industrialization featuring high technology, good economic returns, low resource-consumption, low environment pollution and full use of human resources. we will bring about coordinated economic, political, cultural and social development. and we will e治疗癫痫病医院ndeavor to ensure sustainable development by boosting production, improving people s life and protecting the environment.
this concept of scientific development is based on the experience china has gained in its modernization drive and put forth in response to the trends of the times. it is also rooted in the cultural heritages of the chinese nation.
the chinese civilization is one that has continued uninterrupted for more than 5,000 years. the distinct cultural tradition of the chinese nation that developed in the long course of history has exerted(用(力),尽(力) he has exerted all his strength. 他已竭尽全力。 2. 运用,行使;发挥;施加 he's been exerting his influence on his friend to change his decision.他一直在影响他的朋友改变决定her husband exerted a lot of pressure on her to succeed.) a strong influence on contemporary china, just as it did on ancient china. putting people first, keeping pace with the times, maintaining social harmony and pursuing peaceful development: these values that are being pursued in china today are derived from its tradition. but they also give expression to(表达出;体现出at last he found a proper way to give expression to his gratitude.) the progress of the times.
the chinese civilization has always given prominence to the people and respect for people s dignity and value. centuries ago, the chinese already pointed out that “people are the foundation of a country; when the foundation is stable, the country is in peace.” nothing is more valuable in the universe than human beings. the ancient chinese emphasized the value of serving the people, enriching them, nourishing them, and benefiting them. we are pursuing today a people-oriented approach toward development because we believe that development must be for the people and by the people and its benefit should be shared among the people.
we care about people s value, rights and interests and freedom, the quality of their life, and their development potential and happiness index because our goal is to realize the all-around development of the people. ensuring the right to survival and development remains china s top priority. we will vigorously (精力充沛的,元气旺盛的,有力的 he never ceased to chase after his dream in his vigorous youth. ad. 有力地he shook hands with me vigorously and smiled a welcome.)promote social and economic development, protect people s freedom, democracy and human rights according to law, achieve social fairness and justice and enable the 1.3 billion chinese people to live a happy life.
the chinese civilization has always given prominence to unremitting self-improvement, reform and innovation. as an ancient chinese motto puts it, “as heaven keeps vigor(活力,精力he was noted for his vigor. 他以精力充沛而出名。he flung himself into his work with renewed vigor. 他又精神抖擞地投入自己的工作。) through movement, a gentleman should unremittingly practice self-improvement.” throughout its 5,000-year history, it is thanks to their perseverance, determination, stamina(stamina: [ 'stæmin? ] n. 精力,活力1. he doesn't have the stamina to be a tea羊羔疯医院cher. 他没有当教师的精力. 2. marathon runners need plenty of stamina. 参加马拉松长跑要有耐力.3. the husky is unequalled for stamina and endurance. 爱斯基摩狗的体力和耐性是无双的. ) and innovation that the chinese nation has grown after surviving numerous setbacks(顿挫,挫折,退步ah well, i suppose there's nothing like an occasional setback to make you realize how lucky you really are. 唉,我看什么都不如偶尔受点挫折更能使你明白你是多么的幸运了。) and adversity. the chinese people have shown enterprising spirit and reform and opening-up creativity in national development and great tenacity([ ti'næsiti ] n. 固执,不屈不挠,顽固) in overcoming difficulties on the road to progress. and all this gives expression to the spirit of unremitting self-improvement embodied in china s cultural tradition.
the chinese civilization has always given prominence to social harmony, unity and mutual assistance. back in the early days of the chinese nation, the chinese already advocated that “harmony is most valuable.” they strove for harmony between man and nature, among people and between man s body and soul, and yearned for an ideal society where “everyone loves everyone else, everyone is equal and the whole world is one community.”
today, china is endeavoring to build a harmonious society. it is a society of democracy and rule of law, fairness and justice, integrity, fraternity(fraternity: [ fr?'t?:niti ] n. 友爱,互助会,兄弟会 he is a member of the medical fraternity. 他在医务界工作。a person who has been accepted for membership in a fraternity or similar organization and has promised to join but has not yet been initiated. 立誓入会的人已经被兄弟会或类似的组织接受为会员而且立誓加入,但仍尚未入会的人), vitality(vitality: [ vai'tæliti ] n. 活力,生命力 名词复数:vitalities 1. the vitality of the movement is threatened. 这个运动的生命力岌岌可危。2. the ballet sparkled with vitality. 那场芭蕾舞演得生动活泼。 3. she is full of youth and vitality. 她充满了青春和活力. ), stability, order and harmony between man and nature. it is a society where there is unity between the material and the spirit, democracy and rule of law, fairness and efficiency, and vitality and order.
the chinese people takes [sic] the maintenance of ethnic unity and harmony as their bounden duty and the defense of the country s sovereignty(sovereignty: [ 's?vrinti ] n. 主权,独立国 名词复数:sovereignties 1. the sovereignty of these islands is in dispute. 这些岛屿的主权有争执。 2. an australian-administered island in the eastern indian ocean south of java. it was annexed by great britain in1888 and came under australian sovereignty in1958. 圣诞岛爪哇岛南部印度洋东部的一座岛屿,由澳大利亚管辖。在1888年由英国吞并,1958年主权归澳大利亚 3. the position, authority, or jurisdiction of a prince; sovereignty. 主权,统治权王子或王侯的地位、权力或司法权;主权 4. the territory, jurisdiction, sovereignty, rank, or estate of a prince. 小国君主的权位王子(或诸侯、亲王、小国君主)的领地、管辖权、权位、地位或财产) and territorial integrity their sacred mission.
any act that promoted ethnic harmony and national unity will receive the warm welcome and support of the chinese people. on the other hand, any act that undermines china s ethnic harmony and national unity will meet their strong opposition and resistance.